Loving the MTC!

We heard from Nathan this last week!  Following is an excerpt from his email: 

 I am absolutely loving the MTC, but I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t tired.  I tried taking a nap during study time one day but I felt kinda guilty so it didn’t really work out.   It isn’t nearly as intense training as I thought it would be, the teachers don’t expect perfection.   Everybody here says that the orange juice will destroy your stomach, (they call it the forbidden fruit juice) so naturally I had to drink a large amount of it.  Nothing at all wrong with it, I felt completely fine.   Oh, and there is a tree that smells like cream soda.  No joke. 

My companion, Elder Riedler, is awesome.   He has been going to West Point the last 2 years, he is almost 21, so he is good at staying organized and on task. It isn’t hard to respect him at all because he is very focused on serving the Lord and his military background keeps him (and us) very disciplined. We get along great, as does our whole district. We hangout a ton.  That was a joke.  I’m glad I got a companion who is out here taking this seriously and willing to work hard.  

 I was pretty surprised that ever since I’ve been here they haven’t been teaching us about how to teach at all.  They have focused so much more on teaching us to love the investigators to a point where we are teaching them because we sincerely want them to be happy.  It is kind of hard to get into that mindset instead of just thinking “I am going to baptize this person”.  We just taught our first investigator yesterday, she may or may not be real, but her name is Hely Meza from Guatemala.  She is curious about the church and has a lot of faith so she is pretty much a golden investigator.  At first I thought that they were just giving everybody a confidence booster but our roommates investigator didn’t even let them in the door.  I think we just caught a major break in the person we are teaching.  Anyways, this is just an awesome place, I have never felt the spirit so strong so consistently anywhere in my life.  The amount of time we study the scriptures and practice teaching and study as companions is almost certainly why.  Miss you guys, but I am having a blast here.


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