A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Mission Conference October 2012

When asked what interesting people he met last week, Nathan’s reply was “Probably the most interesting person I met was Neil L. Anderson of the Twelve.  Or maybe Richard G. Maynes, President of the Quorum of the 70.  Or Gerald Causse, the Presiding Bishop.  We had a mission conference this week.”

Phoenix North District

Most of these pictures are from a district meeting where they played a Hollywood Squares game on deportment and demeanor.  Looks like they laughed a lot! Loved seeing Nathan and his smile.

Studying hard

Elder Barker

Having fun!

Nathan seems to be meeting and sharing the gospel with a lot of young people.  ” We met a kid named M. . ., well we had actually talked to him before but we talked to him again.  He does not believe that you need to go to church to be a good person, just believe in Christ and study the Bible.  I am super impressed with a high school kid who has that kind of religious believe and such a firm desire to follow Christ as he does.  That desire shows more maturity than anything else can –  it shows that his life actually has purpose to him.  Even if not from us, this kid will accept the Gospel someday.  He was receptive to what we talked to him.  It made a lot more sense when we told him the Book of Mormon is a record of prophets, like the Bible.  We gave him a copy and told him to give us a call, which he knows he should.  He told us that we have a “purity in our eyes” and that is why he likes talking to us.  I know he felt the Spirit as we testified of the Book of Mormon, but it all comes down to if he will act on it.  We see him walking a lot though, so we will find him.  He needs to come to church.  If we can meet with him and explain why he needs to come I think he will.  He wants to follow Christ.”  And another young man: “A. . ., another guy we are teaching is 17, lives with his grandma far away, but because of influence from his sister is forced by the state to go to the high school in our area.  But he practically lives with the Young Mens’ President.  He accepted a baptism date, and read all of 1st Nephi in like 4 days, and everything was going great.  His grandma no longer wants him meeting with us, except on Sundays, and is not letting him get baptized.  He was super down for that lesson, it was really sad.  But we are all praying and hopefully he won’t have to wait until July when he turns 18.”

I have wondered if Mitt Romney has created an interest in the Church.  According to Nathan, yes!  “Even people who reject us still often say, ‘but I will still vote Romney’.  One guy even tried to write us a check to bring to the church to donate to his campaign.  He did not grasp that we are politically neutral.  ‘But he is a Mormon! How do you not have a stance on that??’   Really funny.”

Nathan mentioned a video on youtube called “Missionary Work and the Atonement.”  You can find it at http://youtube if you search for it.  Enjoy – it is a great message.

A big thank you to Sister Taylor who is thoughtful enough to take a lot of pictures and post them on her blog.

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2 Responses to A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Cody says:

    Those pictures of him are awesome, he most definitely is still Nate and is still having fun out there!

    • camille1287 says:

      Cody – it’s so good to hear from you! Nathan is doing great and I can only imagine that his companions laugh a lot. I hope school is going great and that you are having fun, and of course learning a lot.

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