A Lesson Learned

The only problem with being a mother is that you learn as you go.  By the time I finally started to understand the Scout Merit Badge requirements Nathan had earned his Eagle.  And with the new adventure of a mission, the lessons start anew.  It so happens that this is Transfer week which means Tuesday is Nathan’s P Day – the day he emails.  I wonder what else I should know?

Family and blog readers,
   . . .By the way I hope no one was worried I forgot about emailing you.  With transfer week we had P-Day on Tuesday. (I was only slightly worried!) Elder Barker is trimming down his tie collection so he gave me 3 for 1 deal.  I lost a tie I love, the blue and black plaid one, but I got 3 pretty good ties.  I also traded that pink tie I had for 2 pink ones, one solid pink and the other has gray stripes.  I am up to 21 ties.  (Fun) The package was greatly appreciated -it is a great quick snack. (Sent ingredients for what Nathan refers to as Tuna Delights – that being tuna, crackers and Mrs. Dash)  And I have only had pasta once so far.  As well as 2 roasts, steaks, curry twice (one was super authentic, it was a salmon and shrimp curry, meant to be eaten with no silverware, just picked up with  pieces of tortilla like stuff called Roti.  Super exotic but it was really good.) Eating has not been a problem for me because I am starving all the time.  (I hate hearing that!) I clear my plate a lot, and I actually eat more vegetables than at home for sure.  (I guess the doctor was right when he said Nathan would learn to like vegetables – I just didn’t think it would take years) I have come to love chili, it is cheap and mixed with macaroni and cheese it is delicious to the taste.  The sweaters will be appreciated, because it gets into the 60s some nights, and it’s just getting colder! Don’t make fun though. (Too late – was already chuckling)
      As far as people go, we talked to a guy who asked us for a Book of Mormon because he believes there is truth in all religions.  Because he mixes so many religions together, he has some really weird beliefs.  He thinks that Mary Magdalene was an apostle and held the priesthood, that Jesus killed people when He was a child,  in some kind weird gold dust thing, and that Jews are evil and the Old Testament is invalid.  Unfortunately, this week might be our last visit with him because we got NOWHERE with him yesterday.  But we set 2 more dates.  We now have baptisms planned for Nov. 17 and 24, and Dec. 1 and 8.  3 of the 4 have addictions to overcome.  Adam is on the 17th, and he is solid – we just need to finish all the lessons.  Jenny, who I have told you about, is trying really hard to quit smoking.  We met with her on Sunday and talked to her about it. We told her about Priesthood blessings and how one could help her overcome her addiction.  We shared about the woman who touched Jesus’ robe and was healed.  She knew the story, but was excited that the same power could help her quit smoking.  We explained about the anointing and sealing and asked who she would like to give it.  She asked if I would do both.  We explained I couldn’t do both so I just sealed it.  Awesome experience.  She really wants the gift of the Holy Ghost.  We stopped by yesterday and she had only had one cigarette since then and that is a huge improvement.  She has such a strong desire to have the Spirit in her life which is impressive.  Ishmael actually street contacted us.  He told us he had met with missionaries years ago but they transferred out and stopped coming.  He didn’t remember much about the message, but accepted an invitation to be baptized.  He didn’t remember the words, but he did remember the feelings he had – which is MUCH more important.  He lives with his girlfriend of 10 years, drinks a little and works 9-4 every Sunday.  He has work to do, but his date isn’t until the 8th.  He can for sure do it.  Andrew  will be baptized Saturday.  Oh, and Tom.  Tom moved in from another area and we asked his old missionaries and they said do not go there because he just wastes missionaries time and won’t prepare.  I think he is now ready though, he is really trying hard to quit smoking and only had 2 cigarettes the other day.  I think his time is now.  Well, hope all is going well, glad to hear about all of my friends headed out.   Oh and my talk went really well last week.  In fact, they quoted me in Elder’s Quorum, which was really cool.  Love you all, its good to hear about life on the home front.
Elder Wainwright
P.S. We totally got 2 dinners with members on Sunday.  Score. (Good to hear!)
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One Response to A Lesson Learned

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    So glad he is doing so good! Yes, parents seem to learn all the tricks, once our child has accomplished and moved on. He is a strong young man and I can tell the growth he has already achieved!

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