A Few Moments of a Missionary

When John and I lived in California, we were able to have the missionaries over for dinner at least once a month.  I made sure the Elders always got “the best meal” when they came – until John mentioned that perhaps we should go a little lighter on the food.  He made a good point that if missionaries ate a big lasagna dinner every night they would gain a lot of weight.  Still . . . I thought that MY son would be never be hungry on his mission.  On Sunday I told the Elders in our Stake that I was going to have an afternoon snack for them on Wednesday because my son says he is always hungry.  The Elders both said that is so true – they are always hungry.  In a weird way that made me feel better.
Here is Nathan’s experience with food this past week:  “We have eaten at members houses a lot his week.   How does this pizza sound? Regular tomato sauce, goat cheese, spinach, beets and onions.  I did not enjoy it very much, but I had 2 slices, partly out of respect for the Phillipino lady who was trying to make us American food and partly because I was pretty hungry.  Very nice family though.”  That made me smile.
And a funny moment:  “The baptism on Saturday went great.  It wasn’t ours, well actually we taught him 4 lessons and transferred him to a Young Single Adult Ward.  He was the guy with the lesbian parents that I contacted and taught a lot so we took 2 investigators and went to support him.  It was great just getting to sit back and watch a baptism.  He said the “d” word during his testimony though, it was pretty funny.”
 And missionary experiences:  “A cool thing that happened this week:  at our district meeting  we were talking about how we wish there was a way all 10 of the elders in the zone could carpool to the mission tour coming up.  It hit me that there is a family in our ward who has a limo.  We talked to them and he said he would love to.  And by the way, he is an investigator we are teaching! His wife and kids are members. He has had 8 pairs of missionaries try to teach him.  His wife later told us that with several pairs he had screamed at them and kicked them out of his house. Really glad we didn’t know that before.   We have only met with him once, but when we taught him about the importance of the Book of Mormon and asked “will you read the Book of Mormon and pray to know it is true?” he said yes.  He mentioned that no other missionaries had committed him to do that. We were shocked.  His wife also mentioned she was going to start taking temple prep classes and he said “I thought you were going to wait for me?” so I think he knows he wants to do it, he just doesn’t want to make this big of a change in his life. C. . . is an awesome guy though and he will be baptized someday, but it will be a process.  A. . ., a 17-year-old we are teaching, (I think I told you about him how his grandma wouldn’t let him get baptized, we prayed, and she changed her mind?) will not be able to be baptized in our area.  Super disappointing for us, him, and the family he practically lives with.  Legally, his address is with his grandma in a retirement community where people under 55 aren’t supposed to live.  But when we called the Pres, President Taylor said he needs to be taught and baptized over there because the Bishop has keys to guide him.  On top of that, A. . . asked if I could baptize him, which can’t happen if he is out of our zone.  But he was still committed to being baptized when we told him, which is most important.”
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2 Responses to A Few Moments of a Missionary

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    It is always a big deal to hear from Nathan! Love to hear he is doing so well! Always hungry? Is I remember right he had hefty appetite at home! Don’t worry Mom, he is in good hands!

  2. Verla Brennan says:

    Our prayers and love are with Nathan, You, and John!

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