On Friday morning it started to snow and didn’t stop until Sunday afternoon.  Phoenix had a cooler than average weekend as well – they got down into the low 70s for a high.  Hummm . . . Sounds nice.
Sorry to disappoint, but we got a “no way” on the limo to mission conference.  We were thinking we should have just asked forgiveness rather than permission.  The sweaters really came in handy this week, its been cold at night.  I would guess 50’s or 60’s.  And last week, I saw multiple clouds for the first time, and the first rain.  It was pretty crazy.  It doesn’t really rain for more than about 5 minutes at a time though.  A few days ago, Elder Barker and I looked at the map and decided we could probably run all the way across our area.  We did it this morning.  About 6.5 miles in 50 min 22 seconds (step it up dad).  It doesn’t feel good right now though.  All four of us were pretty amazed by that snow, that is crazy.  These guys havent seen real snow in at least 18 months.  Yeah, besides me and one other elder, pretty much everybody has been out forever.  Updates this week: a member told us she had a friend that wanted to be baptized, and I was on exchanges the day they started teaching her but it went well and she needs her parents permission to be baptized.  We are for sure praying for her.  There’s a girl we are going to start teaching tonight, but she will be transferred to YSA (Young Single Adults)  I think.  We thought that was funny about the missionaries being relieved S. . . isn’t YSA, because it seems like we run into a TON of YSA potential investigators.  But as long as they accept the gospel I guess it’s all the same.  We had an awesome Stake Conference yesterday, It was a broadcast with President Eyring and Jeffrey R. Holland.  Two awesome messages.  Edler Holland talked about how they didn’t lower the age to be more convenient, it’s because there is an increased sense of urgency about missionary work.  He also told the members about their responsibility as missionaries.  He said there are doors that we (missionaries) can’t get into that would accept the gospel and it is the members job to give them the opportunity to hear about the restored gospel.  He said to parents with missionaries serving, “you want your missionary to be successful right? the way that is possible is by the members helping.  And the missionaries in your area have parents that want them to be successful so you need to help them” or something to that effect.  President Eyring talked about how it is important to be “wisely optimistic”.  It was very interesting (in a good kind of way).   This was a good week, but there was for sure an increase in people giving us the 1 finger salute and yelling profanities at us this week.  Not sure why.  It doesn’t really bother me though, especially with that scripture that talks about the rewards for those who are persecuted for His sake.  That and we have had 3 flat tires in the last 3 weeks – pretty frustrating.
Much Love,
Elder Wainwright
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  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Sound like he is doing good. Ups and downs as to be expected but overall doing good!

    Grandma Brennan

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