Thanksgiving without my Missionary

As the holiday season approaches, my thoughts are with Nathan – even more than they normally are.  I bought the turkey and all of the trimmings and wondered “How will we eat all of this without Nathan?”  He can eat A LOT!  Nathan has a way of making me feel like I made the best meal ever – for example, I could put cold cereal on the table and he would say “thanks, mom” like it was the best breakfast he had ever had.  I miss that.  But I am so thankful that Nathan has a heart full of love for his fellow-man and wants to share God’s love with them.  And that makes his absence bearable.  For anyone who would like to send Nathan a Christmas card or package his address is: 3139 W. Calavar Road Phoenix, AZ 85053 

 First of all, I have some horrible news.  It was a terrible week for clothes.  I was being dumb on my bike and ripped a hole in a pair of pants, and I learned that the sweaters are NOT machine washable (luckily I only tried one) so I really hope they weren’t expensive and please do not tell me if they were.  I am going to stop by Ross and pick one up though so don’t worry about sending another one down.  That is so great about Shireen!  We actually had a surprise baptism come up for the 17th too.  It was A. . ., I think I told you about him, but he has had one of the biggest turnarounds in countenances I have seen since I have been out.  But we thought he was going to have to be baptized in his Grandma’s ward in Surprise, but that ward has no one under 55 so they don’t have Young Mens  program so he is staying out here.  But he asked if I would baptize him.   He is an awesome kid, he bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have heard after his baptism.  He had a really rough upbringing, and he is still bitter about it, but he is at least happy now.  It was great being able to see the change.  I will never forget his face as he came up out of the water, either.  He understands better than anyone I have taught the significance of baptism.   We started teaching an Assyrian family that emigrated from Iraq 3 years ago and their sons’ faces were so intent as we were teaching.  They are way into American sports.  But their parents English is not perfect so they translate for us often.  Coincidentally, we found an Arabic Book fo Mormon at our house.  Crazy culture differences though.   For example, the father asked if we were thirsty, and turned to his wife and she went and brought out some water on a silver platter.  Very different.  But we met another family too, and they have smoking and drinking to give up, but we are having our first lesson with them on saturday.  They are very interested, they asked how to become a Mormon so we told them being baptized and they are all for it.  The question is if they are willing to give up what they need to.  It is definitely a blessing though, we have been praying for families to start teaching and we have those 2 plus one that we are hoping to start teaching soon.   I wish I had the time to tell you about all of the other people we are teaching, but there isn’t a lot of time.  T. . . is frustrating us, he wants to get baptized so bad but he won’t come to church.  He even quit smoking, he just doesn’t understand why he needs to be baptized.  J. . . is doing great as well.  She received an answer to her prayer about Joseph Smith and she agreed to be done smoking by next Monday.  That is the only thing holding her back from being baptized right now, but she said she feels like December 31st would be a good day to be baptized.  She prayed about it, but I think it can happen a lot sooner.  At the very least, maybe on Mom’s birthday since we usually do Saturdays.  Seeing her baptized will be for sure the most satisfying one because of all the work she has put into quitting smoking and praying to know the truth.  Those are the people with the most potential we are teaching, with a few others that we are working with or trying to work with.  But if all of them are baptized, that would be 9 more.  So it is definitely possible to make it happen. 
Love you all, and miss you! appreciate all the letters and emails!
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One Response to Thanksgiving without my Missionary

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    I am so proud of Nathan and his strength!

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