Questions Answered

I love to get Nathan’s emails!  The only problem is that I always have questions after I read them.  This week I asked Nathan to answer some of the questions I have had.  And although I still have lots of questions and some new ones that I would like to ask, my curiosity has been satisfied on a few things.  So here are my questions I asked Nathan and the questions I wish I could have asked, along with Nathan’s responses:

What kind of accident did you have on your bike?  I tried to hop up onto a curb and didn’t quite make it, but I was totally fine.  (Great response because it answered the question if he was hurt)                                                                                                                                  How did you spend Thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving was good and bad.  Elder Barker is training me to be a senior companion and district leader, because the zone leaders tease (I think) that I am going to be district leader next transfer.  (What does a District Leader do?) Hope not, I feel like I am still learning how to be a junior companion. But anyway, he had me conduct our weekly planning, which usually takes around 3 hours but we took most of the morning to do that.  We went to 2 families for dinner and 1 for breakfast.  (Does that mean a big breakfast and 2 big dinners?) We skipped lunch.  (Smart – then you can eat more)  The first dinner was at 4 at the Richmond’s (a younger couple) and we ate a lot of food.  I had seconds and 2 slices of pie.  Then we booked it on our bikes (not a fun ride on a full stomach) to the Miner’s (our ward mission leader).  We were both already pretty full, but I put down another full plate and one more slice of pie.  We stayed and chatted, but I just sat there with my head in my hands –  I was about to lose it.  Luckily they offered us a ride home because I wouldn’t have made it biking. Good day though.  (What kind of pie? Did you eat any vegetables or was it turkey and potatoes? Was there any Turkey Bowls in your wards where you could play some football? So many questions!)
When does your companion go home?  Elder Barker leaves December 11th.  It is pretty weird for him to have it this close.  He is excited to see his family though, but he is frustrated they talk to him so much about coming home so soon.  (Good to know – I will try to remember not to be too excited about Nathan coming home and not to ask questions about enrolling in classes and post mission life)
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from Elder Barker?  The thing I have learned most from Elder Barker is the principle of Obedience.  In the MTC I saw all the rules as an irritant, but he has helped me see them as a chance to show that I am worthy to receive the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for me.  (Wow -shows growth!)  What is the funnest thing you do on your P Day or is it mostly work?  We play basketball and volleyball most P Days.  It is a ton of fun.  We are getting haircuts again today, but we always work from 6-9 pm.                                                                                                          Why did A. . . ask you to baptise him (this was John’s so I am guessing on the wording) I honestly don’t know why Adam asked me to baptize him, he is a tough kid to read.  We definitely do get along.  He is an awesome guy but I am not fully sure why he asked me.

Highlight of the week this week was going by the Assyrian family’s house.  We brought our Bishop and they accepted an invitation to be baptized.  But they still want to go to their Assyrian Orthodox church . . . I think it is because the parents can’t communicate very well with English speakers and that is the only place where they can have a connection to someone.  We haven’t told them that they need to come to our church to be baptized, but this is a baby steps family.  Anyways, the cool part was the mother, gave a prayer in their native language, and they reminded us that it was in the language that Jesus spoke while he was in and around Jerusalem.  That was an awesome concept to think about.  I know they feel the Spirit and know that what we teach is right but I think letting go of their church will be very, very hard for them.  We had a member refer us about a friend of his, and we stopped by to talk to him about is today and she (the friend) was there.  We had seen her in our Gospel Principles class at church and she asked if she could be baptized even though she had been baptized Catholic, so we were pretty excited to meet her.  She was crying throughout most of the lesson.  She is so excited to continue to learn and progress and we are excited to help her.  J. . ., another investigator, told us earlier this week that she needed to talk to us, and the way she asked it worried us.  J. . . told us her sister said that if she felt nervous about baptism she shouldnt go through with it.  We explained to her that Satan will put questions and doubts into her heart and she needs to pray and know if it is right.  She did and yesterday she said that December 29th is the day she felt like she needs to be baptized on.  It is her mom’s birthday and my moms birthday so that works out pretty well!  We are so excited for her.  T. . . on the other hand is really testing my patience.  The last 4 weeks he has committed to come to church and we have sent a member to pick him up every week and he hasn’t been once.  We have pushed back his baptismal date every week and I am starting to wonder what we should do about him.  He has had 2 strokes so his understanding isn’t great, and I don’t know if he understands the significance of being baptized.  I don’t know how we can help him understand all the things we teach, he forgets most of it within minutes.  But I know forgetting isn’t the reason he isn’t at church.  He is always ready for us whenever we come for a lesson.  It is really frustrating me though.  That really pretty much sums up our teaching pool as of right now, we are struggling to find new investigators.
Glad you all had a good time for Thanksgiving, I was trying not to think about all of you gathered together eating.  I hope Alisa got the card I sent, thanks for updating me on everybody and everything that is going on!  Love you all, hope you have a good Holiday Season!
PS:  it hit 85 degrees this week

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One Response to Questions Answered

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Nathan is growing so much. Mom, you will have a lot of questions before Nathan comes home. Make a list. So glad he is doing so good! Really, really proud of him! So glad you started this blog!

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