Phoenix – Freezing?

“You all need to quit whining about how cold it is, I have been freezing my butt off down here.  There was frost on the ground one morning!  But I guess I can’t complain about the cold when we still see ice cream trucks driving around.”  You got that right, Elder Wainwright!

“Update on the people we are working with:

A… and T…: They have been taught in the past and I went over there on an exchange with our zone leader, Elder Bartleson.  We found out that they did not understand the restoration at all, and luckily Elder Bartleson is amazing at preachin’ and we got them back into having us over.  T… is a member but hasn’t ever been active that he knows of, and his wife isn’t a member.  We are excited to teach them.   They have like a 3 and 4-year-old daughters and they are both completely naked every time we come.  I don’t think they ever wear clothes.  They want to feed us but I don’t know how interested they are.  Yet.  J…:  We tracked into him last week, he said he had an incredible mood change when we said a prayer with him, but he will be transferred to the YSA.  P: Very active Catholic, interested to learn more about our religion, hopefully we can help him recognize the Spirit while we do so.  Super nice guy, he is 40 or 50 and just lost his job.  Bani…:  Not sure where he is from, but he went to the Mesa Temple lights and requested missionaries.  We got a call from his ex-wife and she told us not to teach him because their divorce was not recognized by his old church and he is trying to marry someone else.  I don’t know who she thinks we are, but as long as the divorce is legal we really don’t care what their church says.  Edu…:  Progressing awesomely.  We went over there and he was reading the BOM outside.  It is sad that we will be referring him to the Spanish elders but he will be more comfortable there.  As far as the best meal, it was at his house.  He asked us if he could make us dinner, so he grilled up some steak and onions and some pica de gallo and we made tacos out of it.  Very authentic.  D… totally chewed me out for not coming to visit last week, so we set up an appointment.  It is almost creepy how much she likes me.  She want on like a 10 minute rant about how much she loves me.  But don’t worry, she is about 30 years too old for me.

Several service opportunities this week too, we got to make a chicken coop, we had to set the posts in concrete and stuff.  Also, we moved stuff around an old attic this morning, it was really good.”

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One Response to Phoenix – Freezing?

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Just Frost? Nathan you get Grandpa’s and my age, below zero and the high 24? Nathan sounds so up and doing well on his Mission! The Investigators sound like they really like him and who wouldn’t? I am glad he is doing so well and serving in such a loving and devoted way.

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