The Value of Goals

Og Mandino, the author of  The Greatest Salesman in the World, wrote,  “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams.”  Last week Nathan mentioned that they were trying to achieve a “Standard of Excellence,” which I am not sure what it is, but sounds impressive.  I started to ponder goals and came to the conclusion that they help us achieve what is most important (I didn’t make any resolutions this year so . . .).  I am impressed that Nathan is learning the value setting goals and the satisfaction of meeting them.
“We didn’t quite reach Standards of Excellence for our companionship or our District but it’s about as close as I have been.  For a companionship, the numbers are 2 baptisms (in that month) 4 with a baptism date, 5 at sacrament meeting, 10 lessons with a member present, and 5 new investigators.  If people weren’t flaky, we would have gotten it.  It is kinda hard to not get caught up in numbers sometimes.  But even more than the numbers it felt like we worked a lot harder with those goals in mind.
We had a great lesson with the family we have been teaching this week.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and they understand it very well.   Their 8-year-old daughter asked during the lesson, “how do you get to the sun?”  (meaning the celestial kingdom).  It was a really profound question the more I thought about it.  That is really all you need to understand, is the how to get there.
We stopped by a guy named G…  who we found in our area book.   He moved here from Nigeria years ago, and is a staunch Catholic.  When we first got there, he just started arguing about why anybody would wait to baptize their child.  We argued back for a while, (we don’t learn very fast) but then I told him that we don’t get sent out here to argue.  We just teach people about what we believe and invite them to find out for themselves if it is something they need to pursue.  After that it was like a light switch.  We taught him briefly about the Book of Mormon and he said it didn’t sound like it was against anything he believed.  He agreed to start reading it and we are going back on Saturday.  We also started teaching a single black lady named Le….  She is really cool but incredibly flaky.
Our other new investigators are a 12-year-old girl, and her 8-year-old sister.  They are a HANDFUL. We taught them for about 15 minutes and they started going nuts.  It will be quite the challenge, but they want to be baptized.
The work is going very well though – no doubt due to the prayers from all of you.  Glad to hear about everybody.  Oh and I got a letter from Lauren with updates about everybody’s mission calls, and I thought oh my goodness, there are not going to be any virtuous women when I get home! But then I realized that a lot of them will still be back before me.. It is crazy how many people are going though, it blows my mind.  Anyways, love you all, good luck with that weather.  Sounds like there is some crazy weather going on up there.  We had an incredibly unusual amount of rain this weekend, it started on Friday and rained all of Saturday and parts of Sunday.  I went through a few sets of clothes on Saturday, I was down to my last dry sweater but it looks sunnier today.”
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One Response to The Value of Goals

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    I think that I get lazy making goals and then keeping them but what a great feeling when I finally finish one. Nathan sounds really good even dealing with “flakey” people and I am sure there are quite a few! Just hearing about Nathan’s successes and his testimony, certainly strengthens my testimony.

    Grandma Brennan

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