Pizza, Ties and a Phone Call

It is good to see that some things never change and such is the case with Nathan.  His email is enough to prove that he is still the Nathan we know and love.

“The most notable thing that happened this week was the pizza challenge.  There is a trophy at our house for it – it is eating a whole Little Caesars pizza and a 2 liter soda (each).  Elder Hyer and I both got the pizza down without much trouble, but when we got going on the two liters, Elder Hyer puked it all up.  It was really bad –  so much throw-up and it smelled terrible.  I ate most of it sitting on toilet, hoping I could free up some stomach room, and I walked out and Elder Hyer had his head in the trash can just puking his guts out.  It was awesome.  Also, I have acquired some terribly ugly ties, but I love ugly ties.  I will have to send some pictures.  We go to thrift stores and find them.  Other then that, the only thing to report about this week was being busy.  We aren’t supposed to tract anymore but we are staying so busy we don’t really need it as a time filler.  We are going to start working with a lot of families we have wanted to for a while.  I think it is because the members know us better now that we can eat with them and they give us more referrals.  We eat with members fairly frequently, and it does take a load off the budget.  Gives us more money for ties.  I sure do miss everyone and I wonder about what your doing a lot.  I just realized I get to call again in like, 2 transfers (I don’t really think in months anymore, its weird).  

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One Response to Pizza, Ties and a Phone Call

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Oh the good life! Nathan seems to be having. Good time! Home cooked meals are a good thing! Not tracking has to help too! So glad he is doing good!

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