It was great – as always – to hear from Nathan today!  And he sent pictures!  I just don’t think a Monday could get any better.  It is good to hear him talk about the people he has gotten to know and love.  And it is comforting to hear and see that he is loving this experience.  But enough from me – I know you are really wanting to read Nathan’s email.

Good to hear things are warming up a bit.  It was a pretty eventful week.  I don’t know if I even told you, but we had 3 baptisms this weekend.  F… and A… are 12 and 8 and extremely rowdy.  F… really likes me and A… really likes Elder Hyer.  She claims I stole candy from her but that’s a bold-faced lie:)P2160751.JPG F… asked if I would confirm her, which I was glad too.  Also, J… was baptized!!  I looked back at her teaching record, and we met her more than about 5 months ago.  PC290731.JPGIt was really good to see her baptized and how happy she is.  When she came up out of the water, she said “woo that was fun!” It was really funny.  At F… and A…’s baptism, there were a ton of nonmembers there.  We left a bunch of pamphlets and DVDs and Books of Mormon out and about half of the stuff we left was gone.  It was a really good baptism.  As far as baptisms go, we also set 2 more baptism dates for March.  S… and H…, the family we tracked into will be baptized March 23rd.  Hopefully there will be a lot more in March too and hopefully I will still be here.  S… said she is going to talk to President Taylor and make him keep me here.  I really hope she doesn’t get a hold of his number.  They are one of my favorite families.  I will for sure keep in contact with them throughout and after my mission.


There was a 15-year-old boy we contacted on the street when I first got here.  We lost contact with him, but we saw him again and he has 15 pages left in the Book of Mormon.  He also took a trip up to Salt Lake to see the temple lights.  We are hopefully going to start teaching him again too.  We visited some potential investigators from our area book and one said she just ordered a video about Mormons.  Usually not a good sign.  She showed us a picture of the DVD and it is called “Temple of Doom” with the Salt Lake Temple on it.  It looks like the cover of a Goosebumps book.  I actually got a big kick out of it.  We told her she could just ask us about any questions she has, but she is still pretty set on watching it.  We will deal with that one later.  There is another lady we are teaching who is looking up anti Mormon stuff online.  It really isn’t helpful, and I have no idea at what point we give up on someone.  There is so much that I honestly do not know.  I just reread the Elder Nelson’s talk “Ask the Missionaries” and I remember when I heard that the first time, I thought, “I don’t know what to do if someone asks how they can get involved in service, or if they ask how to do family history” But at least I know where to send them.  I like Neal L. Anderson’s Mormon message, “You Know Enough”.  It is really good. You guys should definitely check out the Mormon messages and all of the I’m a Mormon things on  We watch them a lot during our weekly hour of time.  if you go to and click on people and find the Asian named Lisa.  She was the Student Body President when I was at MPJ.  Also, the lead singer of the Killers has one (Brandon) and tons of other cool ones.  

Mom, sometimes you wouldn’t really be proud of how we eat. P1170734.JPG When dinner comes, we are so tired we just don’t feel like doing any cooking at all.  One night, we just ate birthday cake.  But to answer your question about getting fed the same stuff a lot, we had Lasagna 3 times this week.  But today, we cooked up 8 eggs, over a pound of bacon, and 3 sausage patties and some waffles.  We will be skipping lunch today.  Love you all, and I have a new assignment for you.  Send me the funniest thing that happens to you every week.  I will do the same.P1170735.JPG

So we have an assignment:  Send me any funny stories that you have and I’ll pass them on.  Or better yet send them to Nathan!


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  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Wow, that was a long email for Nathan! Sounds like he is really happy and doing good! Pictures are great!

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