Changes Coming!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently announced that the addition of 58 new missions to the 347 existing missions bringing the total to 405 missions!    Arizona have a total of five missions:  Gilbert (new mission), Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale (new missions), and Tempe.  We are not sure how that will effect Nathan, but it is exciting news.  Sister Taylor posted some pictures – and as always, so great to see Nathan.  He says he has gained 5-10 pounds, but I am not seeing it!


Nathan received a phone call from President Taylor asking if he felt ready to train a new missionary.  Nathan is excited for this new adventure and that President Taylor and Heavenly Father trust him in this capacity.  President Taylor asked if Nathan would be “exactly obedient and follow the training plan.”  I can’t imagine Nathan being anything but “exactly obedient.”  So he will stay in the same area for another 3 months – which he is really happy about.   The new Elder should have an exciting few months:  Nathan has a great sense of humor and is really easy to be around so I am sure he will make this young missionary feel comfortable, he is very committed to serving, and they have a few people they are teaching and are preparing for their baptisms.

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One Response to Changes Coming!

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Yes, Nathan has never had any problems being obedient and follong plans. The new Elder will instantly like him and it must be very exciting for Nathan! Great job, Mom and Dad!

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