A Long Day of Waiting

On Sunday I wondered if this was a transfer week for Nathan.  But even though I was somewhat prepared not to hear from him yesterday, today was the longest day ever!  Finally  at 3:42 pm I got an email – not that I was staring at my Gmail account all day.  It was worth the wait.  Nathan sounds really happy and had a lot to say.  Here are a few excerpts from his email:
So much to write about!  (I asked what they did with their hour on mormon.org) Our Mormon.org time is the best – watching “I’m a mormon” videos or conference talks or mormon messages.  Watch ‘Safety for the Soul’ by Elder Holland and ‘The Purifying Power of Gethsemane by Bruce R. Mckonkie.  And there is an I’m a mormon video from a girl from Bountiful, I went to Jr. High with her, it is mormon.org/lisa I think.
Other news, I just got a phone call from President Taylor a couple of minutes ago and I have been assigned as the District leader for the Phoenix North district.  Luckily, district leaders don’t do a whole bunch more than plan district meetings every week so I think I should be able to handle it alright.
So that lady from Taiwan, she made us green onion pancakes for  dinner.  Surprisingly really good.  But we have to have a priesthood holder with us so we brought C… (I don’t know how I haven’t talked about him more, he is the ultimate example of magnifying his calling as a ward missionary).   As we left he said “she’s cute.”   We told him to ask her out to dinner and he did!  We are waiting to hear how it went.  He is 35 and I don’t know how old she is, I would guess 32.  But we already got our other old single guy engaged.  S…, who was baptized in October recently got engaged to a Mormon girl.  He is really excited, we were glad to hear about it.  And S… and M…’s wedding is coming up in June.   We watched conference at their house Sunday morning and they made us eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes and peppers in it.  You guys would be so proud of me, I ate it all.  Poor Elder Wrigley, he could only choke down a few bites.  He is so funny when we watched conference at the stake center and Stanley G. Ellis spoke about being from Burley Idaho, he yelled pretty loudly “WHAT?” it was really funny.  Luckily not many people were there.  I felt bad, he asked if he could wear this funny, 4 button, light-colored pinstripe suit Elder Barker left and I told him he could since there isn’t many people at the Stake Center, but it turns out our Zone Leaders were there and they told him not to wear it again.   Also, this missionary that went home 4 months ago, moved down here and is dating a girl he baptized.  She is 17.  Super weird, they went to conference together and we were all making fun of them.  Don’t worry, I wont do that.
 We set a baptismal date yesterday.  We are teaching a lot more, but we are struggling with helping people decide to be baptized.  There is this one girl who has a member friend.  She asked her friend for a Book of Mormon and the missionaries there taught her a lesson and referred her to us.  She is ok with coming to a different ward.  She even remembered there is a Mormon girl on her street so she went and knocked on her door and asked if she could come to church with her.  So she should be getting baptized soon.  It made me realize, I have taught and baptized 7 (going on 8) girls under the age of 15.  
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