“Please Tell Me You Have a Fan!”

It is always a treat when we open the mail box to find a letter from Nathan.  It is like getting a check in the mail when you aren’t expecting one.    Nathan told us to enjoy our nice spring weather-“you guys get the better weather until about November.”  (Hello! Has he forgotten skiing?) It has gotten up to 103 in Phoenix and although Nathan didn’t complain about that, he did mention that they sleep with no air conditioning.  They put a thermostat in their room and it read 87.8 at 9:45 pm.  Yikes!  So John titled his email to Nathan “Please tell me you have a fan!”  We were glad to learn that they have a ceiling fan and two on the floor.
Here is a little taste of life in Phoenix as a missionary:
     “. . .  I was going to say we don’t have to worry about food, but we do.  I can’t remember if I told you about the apartment with 4 missionaries.  They completely ran out of money last month, and they were living off of Ramen and oatmeal for about 2 weeks.  I went there on an exchange and it was terrible, I was so hungry when I got back.
  Nathan’s response to hearing about some of the people his sister meets at the restaurant where she works:
     “I bet you meet a lot of weird and crazy people but I think I win in that category.  Not only does Phoenix have weirder people, but we straight up go try to find them.  Bus stops are usually good places.”
And Nathan’s feeling about older people:
“. . . Brother Brown, who is going on 91.  I sure love old people!”
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And in case you haven’t noticed my countdown – 5 days till my phone call!
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1 Response to “Please Tell Me You Have a Fan!”

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Sure glad he loves old people has he has 3 “older” Grandparents! Only May and such heat! Don’t know who is more looking forward to the phone call Mothers Day, Nathan or parents!

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