A Phone Call

I think I speak for all Mothers of Missionaries when I say that there is nothing that we look forward to more than the much-anticipated phone calls.  (To be fair, I think Nathan’s Dad and sisters also look forward to it)  It was very comforting to hear how happy Nathan is and to know that his decision to serve a mission has been a good one.  There is no doubt in my mind that he is doing what he wants to and what he thinks he should do.

And because he isn’t here to protest, I thought I would look back on some Mother’s Day cards Nathan has given me.  I came across this one, which is one of my favorites, from his pre-school years.

My mom is different from any other mom because: she has lots of  different talents (what a nice thought)

My favorite thing to do with my mom is: pet my dog (much better than his snake)

My mom makes better (noodles) than anyone (whatever the boy would eat!)

One thing my mom has taught me is: how to punch like a boy (important to know when you only have sisters ha ha)

I love my mom because: she makes my dinner (oh . . . some things never change – read on)

But my little boy has grown up.  This is what he wrote in my Mother’s Day card this year:

So often throughout the day I think about all of the things you did for me.  Like cooking.  I have realized how hard it is to cook and take care of myself.  Laundry is another one.  It seems like most P-Days I come home and see the big pile of clothes on my bed (like there is right now) and have to do it.  I know that both of those are important for me to learn but it reminds me of how much you did for me.

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One Response to A Phone Call

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Things we as Mothers cherish. I can tell my the way Nathan looks at his Mom that he loves her very much and cherishes everything she does for him. Don’t know of any more devoted Mom than Camille. God be with each you.

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