Well, I hate to admit what most of you probably already know but . . . I am spoiled.  I could list all of the reasons why I am but I think I’ll stick with just one:  for the last 9 months I have received an email from Nathan every Monday-Tuesday on transfer week.  It didn’t matter if a holiday fell on a Monday because he used a member’s computer.  However, that has now changed and I join all of the other moms who  deal with public libraries being closed on holidays.   Nathan sent me a quick email today with his new address and asked if I could send him a letter asap since he needs to get a library card – “more info on Monday.”  My first thought was “Monday is Memorial Day – the library won’t be open!” 😦

Anyway, here is his new address:    Elder Nathan Wainwright7662 West Louise Drive, Peoria Arizona, 85838

John asked Nathan how if felt about transferring out of an area that he loves.  He wrote back, ” I absolutely love the people in these wards . . .  I would have been happy to stay, but I am excited to leave too.  And I have realized, what a missionary wants has very little to do with the will of God. . . Anyways, I am excited to get a new companion, I love change.  It has been a blast these last two transfers with my redneck though.  He is going to be such a great missionary leader.”

Nathan had an interesting experience last week.  Well, in his words, “the hardest, most uncomfortable experience of my mission.”  It was a baptismal interview with a young lady.  She started out telling Nathan that she was scared she was going to fail.  He told her it isn’t pass or fail but just an interview to see if she is ready for the promises that are made at baptism.  When he asked her if she believed if Joseph Smith was a prophet she said she wasn’t sure.  He asked her if she believed Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and she said she couldn’t believe that without proof.  “At this point I am wondering why the missionaries had even set up this interview.  We talked about faith, and I told her that the Lord calling a prophet shows us that this truly is His church and because of that, she would need to search for herself before she was baptized.  She said if she couldn’t be baptized this Saturday she wasn’t sure she wants to do it anymore.  Now I am wondering if I am crushing a soul’s chance at salvation, but I knew that I could not sign that paper.  I told her to be patient in receiving an answer to her prayers, and that when she does know that Christ’s church was restored through Joseph Smith than her baptism will mean so much more to her.  She told me that it is easy to get baptized in other church’s and they won’t hold someone back because they don’t believe something.  That was just the spiritual confirmation I needed to know that she is NOT ready to be baptized and that I did the right thing.”  I am proud of Nathan for doing the right thing even when it is hard.

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