I Wonder Why . . .

When Nathan was little we had a series of  “I Wonder Why” books that he loved.  One of his favorites was “I Wonder Why Snakes Shed Their Skin”.  I really don’t like snakes, or spiders, – well, the list is long.  But my daughters talked me into giving Nathan a snake for his 12th birthday.  I thought it might help me get over my fear of those slithering reptiles, but no.  Let’s  just say I learned to exist in the same house.  I was reminded of that snake this week when I saw the pictures Nathan sent and read his email:  “The black and white snake we saw hiking, we found out that it is poisonous, which surprised us because of the color.  We are all really glad we didn’t pick it up.  The other snake was probably 5 or 6 feet long and that one was a Diamondback. I just about ran it over on my bike.  It got out of the way pretty quick and started rattling it’s tail.  We have found a lot of scorpions and bunnies run around here like deer in Bountiful.”  All I can say is EWW!  about the snakes, not the cute little bunnies.

Nathan talked a little about the service they were able to do: “We got to do some fun service last week – we went up to a trailer park in some other missionaries ward and moved some rocks and gravel and dug up a sewer line.  It was pretty fun.  The ground is super hard so instead of digging with a shovel we used pick- axes and then moved the dirt.  It was like 7:30 and already 86 outside.  Service is great to mix things up a little, especially if we do it in the morning then we can do our studies during the hot part of the day.

Living only a few miles from the mission home, Nathan and his roommates were able to drop by after playing dodgeball to wish President Taylor a happy birthday – at 7 am! (Wouldn’t that be a fun surprise?)  Sister Taylor was glad they had lots of frozen muffins and fruit to make smoothies – I bet.



Nathan is doing great.  I bet he is happy – playing dodgeball, spending time performing service, and of course, finding snakes.

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2 Responses to I Wonder Why . . .

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Sounds like Nathan is loving his mission, even using pic-axes! Snakes, not for me!

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