It is so Hot!

Yesterday Salt Lake City hit 103 degrees, breaking the old record high for July 1st.  Anytime I start to think how hot it is, I check Peoria and realize I don’t even know what hot it.  The other night at 9:00 pm in Peoria it had gotten down to 107 – which made my 94 seem like a cool summer night.  Enough about the heat.  Here are some excerpts from Nathan’s email and some pictures he sent.

    First of all, yes it was the 4th hottest day ever in Phoenix.  121 degrees!  And we did bike, but luckily we had a district meeting from like 1-3 for the hottest part of the day.  Funny thing, the A/C went out for the meeting so we had the first ever no-suits district meeting.  It was still really hot though.  Honestly, it isn’t as bad as it seems.  It was really hot, but not to the point where you can’t function.  It was kind of like when you open an oven – but for as long as you are on the bike.  Friday I did fine, but Saturday (it was only 118) I went on an exchange with the Elders in our house whose area takes a little bike ride to get to, and that was pretty bad. We did a lot more biking than friday.  But I am drinking a ton of water and someone gave us salt tablets to take.  Funny story about that, we had a lesson on Friday and by the time we got there, I was kinda getting used to the heat but we went inside and I was super wet and the A/C was pretty low, and I was freezing, like shivering.  It was like a 45 degree temperature change.
On the way to Dairy Queen!
Enjoying a cool break at Dairy Queen.
With Elder Dunn in what Nathan describes as “the exchange from Hell – it was 118!”
Nathan's District, the Assistants and the Zone Leaders get together to play dodgeball

Nathan’s District, the Assistants and the Zone Leaders get together to play dodgeball

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One Response to It is so Hot!

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Oh the lessons we learn in small ways to be grateful for what we have. Air conditioning, air conditioned cars, and the ability to do nothing in hot weather! It always amazes me with Nathan’s constant smile and positive attitude. He is an inspiration an model for me!

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