AZ Phoenix Mission Goes Online!!!

For the last two months one of the districts in Nathan’s mission has been using iPads and iPhones.  And in July The Arizona Phoenix Mission (APM) was invited to become an online proselytizing mission.  Wow!   And we are told that by the end of August “our missionary will be on Facebook.”  Not that things will be any different in how we correspond with Nathan.  For those who are interested check out the link for the APM ( According to Sister Taylor the guidelines the missionaries will have to follow are:.
They have to have a MORMON.ORG profile
They have to clean up their FACEBOOK PAGE
They have to be EXACTLY OBEDIENT in order for this to work!

Pretty exciting.  And makes me ask myself if my Facebook page needs cleaning?  Of course I asked Nathan about his mission going online and here is what he had to say.

“But yeah, online proselytizing coming soon.  At first, I thought, ‘heck no, I don’t want to even look at Facebook’ but I can see how this really can help.  I will be using my Facebook account from home, and I will spend a lot of time hiding most of my friends, posts, pictures etc, from things people can view.  Luckily, you can hide all of that without having to get rid of it.  But think of the trust.  What would stop somebody from chatting with their family? What would stop somebody from spending endless hours looking at old friends pictures?  What would stop somebody from posting something immature or inappropriate and turning people away?  The answer is nothing.  We are one of 4 missions in the world doing this. . .  in a few weeks I will be doing an hour of Facebook everyday.  Skype may be available at some point, but for proselytizing, not talking to you guys.  Bummer huh?  But think of the possibilities!”

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One Response to AZ Phoenix Mission Goes Online!!!

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Wow! Modern Technology! Nathan is a Pioneer among Missionaries!

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