Happy Birthday, Elder Wainwright

Today is Nathan’s birthday and as one of his sisters pointed out that his younger sister has never experienced November 19th without her brother and his older two sisters has had Nathan around for the last 20. But on the brighter side, it has already been one year and now we only have 12 months to go.

Nathan is doing great.  Last week he was transferred – all the way down the hall!  So now the house has 8 young elders and I can only imagine the food they can eat.  His new companion is Elder Larson – and I am sure that he will fit right in.  DSC_0063

It is interesting (great?) to watch Nathan mature and develop qualities that will benefit him throughout his life.  Unfortunately, growth can be uncomfortable.  Or maybe I am reading too much into Nathan’s email.  “I have probably never been this stressed out.  There are us and 4 other companionships in our district that I am trying to have some form of daily contact with, setting up exchanges for 3 of those companionships, getting all of their numbers last night, and preparing for a district meeting.  Add on top of that a severely struggling area.  We have not taught one lesson yet. . .  I would be pretty stressed out normally, but throw on top of that I am creating impressions of what missionary work is for somebody.  But enough negative stuff, we do still have the A… family and P… and B… in our ward, which is good.  and this ward is really cool, they have a lot of people to feed us and a lot of strong families.”

I am sure that Nathan will do well in his assignments and I am pleased that he is so responsible.  President Gordon B. Hinckley once said  “Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great purpose in heart.”  I imagine that Nathan is following that counsel.



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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Elder Wainwright

  1. Jessica says:

    I think now that he’s over the hump it will go much faster, don’t you? Because instead of counting how many months he’s been gone we’ll be counting how many months until he comes home.

  2. camille1287 says:

    I think (hope!) it will go faster! We can almost say “he’ll come home in August”

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