The Frequency Illusion

     “This week has been much better than last week.  DSC_0063-1Still stressed out and tired but hey, I have been for the last year.  And there is plenty of ups that are much more significant than the downs.  For one, we began teaching a young man named R….  He was searching about mormons on google and found and saw the meet with the missionaries button.  It was really cool, he is super interested, he went to high school and lived with a mormon family for a little bit.  But he knows almost nothing about the church or even Jesus Christ.  I am a little bit concerned that this is one of those too good to be true things.  You don’t really live with a family of Mormons and not hear about what Jesus Christ did.  And I guess him canceling a lesson and not coming to church are a big red flag too.  But I will keep you posted.  I haven’t updated about the A…’s for a while either.  We had a great lesson with them this week.  We invited them to be baptized on the 14.  She is scheduled to work, but we told her if she does everything in her power to get work off, God will provide a way.  I have never promised anything with more confidence than that. So everyone is praying for that to happen.  Rick asked if I would baptize him too, so that was pretty cool.  One of the best parts of the week was when I went on an exchange with Elder Stulen.  He was back home in Sweden this time last month.  He has the most awesome accent.  It was so fun to be with him all day.  He has no idea what people are talking about when they use figures of speech.  Someone said, “your a tall drink of water”  and when we left he asked why they called him that.  It was so funny.  Anyways, this was a good week, 2 missionaries should be moving out tomorrow, so we will be back to 6 at our house.  That will be awesome, I have been sleeping on the couch for the last 2 weeks.”

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One Response to The Frequency Illusion

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    This reminds me of the class you and I attended on diet and eating right. It all referred back to Christ and the Word of Wisdom! If an individual wants to loose weight, just read the Book of Mormon and the Teachings of Christ.

    Natahan sounds really good and as usual positive!

    Our prayers and thoughts are with him daily!

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