Every week we are getting little glimpses on how Nathan is using the internet as a missionary tool.  I love the Mormon Messages he suggests (be sure and check out “Dare to Stand Alone – it’s great!).  Last week Nathan wrote about a family who has accepted the gospel and wants to be baptized but is scheduled to work every Saturday in September.  If you remember, Nathan promised that if she did everything she could than God would provide a way.  We got an update this week (interesting how he refers to what he is going to post on Facebook):

“Sorry, we combined online proselytizing time with email time because of Labor Day yesterday so I am multi-tasking with managing my Facebook and emailing home.  But there are some really cool opportunities with that.  The A..s, who did get work off for their baptism on the 14th, have been the only investigators I have really been working with, but it is so awesome that I can practically teach without even seeing them.  To introduce Thomas S. Monson, today I am going to post the Mormon Message “Dare to Stand Alone”.  And then we can talk about it more on our appointment on Friday.”

And as always he updated us on his efforts as a missionary:

“As far as missionary work goes, we are kind of in a tough spot in that we are teaching 2 families, who meet with us once a week, and then the rest of the time we have to find ways to effectively fill our time.  We usually go through our ward roster and go and try to meet people we don’t know, seeking referrals.   We have a plan though.  We heard from other missionaries about doing a ward 40 day fast.  No one in the ward eats for 40 days.  Just kidding.  (There’s that humor we love!)  Families will sign up to fast for a day, fasting for missionary work.  We will go by and visit them either on the day of their fast or the day before and help them dedicate that day to sharing the gospel.  We really need this to work, I am about out of ideas.  But we do enjoy working with the A…s and the S…’s.  Both families really love us, and Rick actually asked me to baptize him next Saturday, so we will be praying and working, helping them get ready for it.  Any bonus prayers from back home would be appreciated and needed.”

Reading about Nathan’s efforts to find people who want to know more about Jesus Christ makes me think about the missionaries serving in my area.  And it makes me want to help.


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  1. Verla Brennan says:

    When Luke was Bishop our Ward did the sign up for fasting. It seemed to work quite well.

    It has to be hard to keep busy with no referrals but the one thing to remember, it is not the quantity but the quality.

    Nathan is doing a great service and I admire and respect him for that.

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