More Questions Than Answers

Some weeks after reading Nathan’s email, I have more questions than answers.  And lately I have wondered why that phrase keeps popping into my head, so I did some research on it – meaning I asked Google (we all know Google knows everything :)).  I learned that Johnny Nash, who sings “I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone” also sang “There Are More Questions Than Answers” – both in 1972.  So I am not sure if my parents played that song over and over again while I was young or if I have just read too many headlines stating that there are more questions than answers about any number of current events.  I am going to choose to believe the Johnny Nash version.  He sings “There are more questions than answers and the more I find out the less I know.”  This week I asked Nathan a few questions –  what is a typical Sunday like, what kind of food does he eat – and he answered some of them.  But honestly, I was more interested in the highlight of his week.  And that definitely left me with more questions than answers!

But by far the highlight of the week was what happened Thursday night.  The assistants asked if they could talk to me for a minute so I went in and closed the door.  They were asking how the day went and then Elder Bartleson asked me to lay down on my stomach on the floor.  After that Elder Knobbe started to duct tape my feet together, then got my hands around my back, and duct taped them together and then with a lot more duct tape made a strap that connected my feet to my hands.  It is called a hog-tie.  Then they put a sock (clean) in my mouth, duct taped that on, and put a bag over my head and put me in the walk-in closet, closed the door and turned off the lights.  At first, I just laid there because I had very limited motion.  I was just going to wait until they came and freed me.  Then I decided I am better than that.  It is very similar to the Dark Knight Rises, when he is in that pit.  So I wiggled over to the dresser, got my face on it, and kept scooching up until I could get on my knees.  Then I hopped on my knees over to the door, put my mouth around the doorknob and twisted it open.  I kept hopping, fell on my face a few times, and the used the couch to get back on my knees.  I did the same thing with the doorknob as before, and got out of their bedroom.  I remembered that my knife was on the floor in my room, on the other side of the house so I hopped over there, fell on the floor to get it, and held it on the ground and used my weight to fall on the duct tape on my wrists until I could get that off.  It took a really long time to cut through it all, but after I got that off  it was pretty smooth sailing.  All in all, I would say it took about 45 minutes to get loose.  One important thing to understand is that it wasn’t out of meanness at all but out of love.  I have been having kind of a rough go of it this transfer and that was just what I needed.  Elder Bartleson just knows exactly what people need.   But that was probably the highlight of the week.

As far as missionary work goes –  pretty much all of our investigators were at church, so it was a great Sunday.  Our normal Sunday schedule usually starts with studies in the morning until we go to ward council or PEC.  After that we will grab a bite to eat if we have time or just go to church for the block meetings.  We get out at 4 and we always go to someones house for dinner.  We get a really wide variety of food so it is good.  The lady that sets up our dinners, Sister Schwartz, is Preston’s mom.  That whole family is just really great.  Funny story, one of the priests who works with Sister Schwartz said that she wants me to marry her daughter who is on a mission.  I got a kick out of that.  Preston had been talking to his neighbor a little bit about Priesthood blessings and he let us come over and talk with him about it.  His name is J…   We had talked to him before just out in his driveway, but this was a really good chat.  He poured out his heart and soul to us, and he wants to keep learning from us.  Less actives do the best missionary work ever!

Maybe you  are like me: you now have more questions than answers.

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One Response to More Questions Than Answers

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Always more questions than answers!
    Yes Camille, we did play and listen to Johnny Cash! Never meant to put thoughts in you head! Another lesson in Life?

    Sounds like a life experience lesson for Nathan. Also, sounds like he is eating good!

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