Alas, summer has come to an end and fall is here.  I am always a little sad to see summer come to a close – which is odd since I am not a fan of the heat.  I feel that September  should be a time of excitement – after all I love everything about fall (the colors, the cooling temperatures, football games, soups and the list goes on) – but it feels like another year has slipped by.  I woke up this morning and decided today was the day I was going to get outside and enjoy nature.  I was finally going to hike Elephant Rock.

The view from Elephant Rock

The view from Elephant Rock

I have lived here for almost twenty years and it was just time.  I am so glad I went – the canyon was beautiful with green, gold, amber and scarlet leaves; the morning air was refreshing cool; and the stillness of nature gave me time to reflect.  Here is what Nathan thinks about fall in Arizona: “Can you believe it is October tomorrow? That means just a few weeks until Celestial weather season.  The mornings are beautiful right now, usually in the 70s.  It is funny, Everybody is saying to Elder Crapo exactly what they said to me when I first came in.  “Oh, you came at just the right time!”  And I would always think to myself, what the heck are you talking about? It’s pretty dang hot!  So I can sympathize with him a little there.”   I smiled at that!  I don’t know about Arizona but Mueller Park Canyon certainly was heavenly this morning.

Elders Crapo and Wainwright

Elders Crapo and Wainwright

“More on Elder Crapo, he is here waiting for his visa to go to Melbourne, Australia.  So we don’t have a timeline on how long he will be here.  He is from Idaho Falls (4th Idaho companion) and he just turned 18 in July.  We found out the other day, when he is my age, he will be home.  (those are the kind of moments that make me feel old)  He is a great missionary though, his first night in the field we had two appointments at the same time so he went and taught a lesson with just him and his split.  (I set up those appointments in faith that I would have a confident and capable companion, and it worked).  He is pretty calm and quiet, very humble and has a desire to serve and learn.”   Nathan is busy with Leadership and Zone meetings, interviews, a few lessons and a church tour (anxious to hear about that!) but loves to be serving others.

As I was hiking this morning, I kept thinking of a song written by Janice Kapp Perry.  “Surround yourself with beauty, enjoy God’s handiwork.
In sights and sounds of nature, the voice of God is heard.

Surround yourself with silence, for when you are alone
the whisperings of the spirit are quietly made known.
Surround yourself with heaven, in every waking thought,
For there is peace and safety, within the love of God.”

My advice: get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

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  1. Verla says:

    What a beautiful thought and oh so true. Enjoy the Seasons and bask in God’s Glory and beautiful seasons he has given us.

    Nathan is truly serving his Heavenly Father In Faithful manner! I know God is proud of him, as We are.

    God bless him and keep him safe!

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