A Proud Mom

I always hoped this day would come – the day my son would clean a bathroom on his own, b7cda763004696d13246d7d172abdbc2with no prodding from me.  And that day has come –  I am a proud mom!  In his email this week Nathan added a P.S. just for me:  “You would be so proud of me Mom.  Our bathroom smelled disgusting so I have spent the morning throwing some chemicals at it and scrubbing with exceeding elbow grease.  It sure looks a lot better…”  Knowing how busy he is and how much he needs to and want to do on his P Day, I am really impressed he spent it cleaning a bathroom.  Or . . . perhaps it was so bad that he couldn’t ignore it any longer.  Hummm . . .

While Nathan was serving in the Phoenix area he had the opportunity to share the gospel with Scott.  I remember Nathan talking a lot about him.  In fact, Nathan played the piano at his baptism.  (In Nathan’s words “Scott’s baptism went well on Saturday, except the pianist was terrible.  Yep it was yours truly.  I had about an hour to learn how to play two songs, and the first one went pretty well but I kinda butchered the 2nd one.  Should have listened to Mom and stayed with it!”)   Nathan had more news about Scott this week: “I am so excited, tomorrow Elder Crapo and I get to go to the temple!  Scott Paradis, from the Campobello ward is getting sealed tomorrow! It will be so good to see him, and that whole family.  Originally, we planned to have the Niver family take us, they are one of my favorite families in the ward and Brother Niver has work off on Tuesdays but something came up.  The Niver family is so great, they have two daughters, 10 and 8, that just crack me up.  Scott’s family (the Alexanders) were some of the first people to friend me on Facebook.”

My little boy is growing up . . . cleaning bathrooms and loving the people he is serving.  Does it get any better than this?

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One Response to A Proud Mom

  1. Grandma Brennan says:

    No, a proud moment for a Mom! All the nagging and example of his mom who should take a lot of credit! Piano lessons paid off!

    Should be very proud. I know we are!

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