Transfer Week

I spent yesterday working the elections.  Some might wonder why I would leave my house before 6 am and return after 9 pm – and yes, it is a long day!  When I was in junior high I had a great social studies teacher, Mr. Reynolds.  Among other things I learned from his class was the importance of civic duty.  He explained that no matter if our candidate wins or loses it is not only our right but our duty to vote.  That has stuck with me all these years.  And so on the first Tuesday of November each year you will find me at the polls.  One of my favorite voters is an older gentleman from Germany.  He is always so cheerful.  He comes every year and every year tells me that he lost his wife a few years ago.  A kindergarten teacher at the school asked her class to bring in some of their Halloween candy.  These sweet children make us cards and deliver the candy and cards to the election workers.  It has been many years since I have received so many love notes – “I love you! I hope you win! I love you”.  So cute.  But the best part of my day was when my youngest daughter brought me a bagel and hot chocolate!  How sweet was that? She gave up her lunch break to bring me some food – and I didn’t even ask her to! We all give service; sometimes it is working the polls, sometimes it is giving someone a kind word or food and sometimes it is trying to bring peace and joy to others through missionary work.

I mentioned last week (only I only thought I had posted it) that every missionary in Nathan’s mission received an iPad.  Here is what he had to say about it:  A little explanation about the iPads, I am sure you are curious – I know I sure was. DSC_0065-2 They do not have internet accessibility unless we have wi-fi, and they are super boring because we only have like 7 apps we can download: Gospel Library, LDS music and such.  We have an app for our area books and planners which is incredible.  We are in the process of digitizing our area books which should take about to the end of the year.  It is so much more organized.

Nathan got transferred to a new area and was asked to train another Elder.  Only he forgot to tell his mother where he was being transferred to!

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4 Responses to Transfer Week

  1. Verla and Ron Brennan says:

    Camille, you are such a great example to your family! That is why Rachael did that service to you as well as the Kindergaren children. Thank you for your service as well as Nathan’s.

  2. Ron Brennan says:

    Elder Wainwright looks great! We’ll be anxious to hear where he was transferred. By the way Mom, I remember Mr. Reynolds. Grandpa B.

    • camille1287 says:

      Of all the teachers I had, Mr. Reynolds was my favorite! He taught, besides the curriculum, some great life lessons.

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