On Choices

It is easy to watch someone and see how their experiences they have today are forming who they will be in the future.  It is more difficult to acknowledge that in my own life.  We ultimately shape who we will become by the choices we make.  For example, each day I have the choice to be happy or grumpy, to be kind or rude, to follow Jesus Christ or not. And those choices determine who I will be tomorrow.  Nathan Christmas 4 2013 I think Nathan had that realization last week:  ‘It has been a great week! We had a conference with our whole mission, which is extremely rare – plus the Tempe mission and the Tucson missions.  Almost 800 missionaries there, and that isn’t even 1% of the missionaries in the field.  The day before the conference we were informed that Jeffrey R. Holland wouldn’t be able to make it.  Instead, they had a member of the 70 come, Elder Wright who lives down here.  His wife said that when he was explaining his speaking assignment to a non member he said, “imagine if you bought tickets to go see the Beatles and you get there and it ends up being the Dixie Chicks.”  I thought it was super funny.  He gave an incredible talk though, it was definitely no disappointment.  To feed our Holland appetite he showed a clip from Elder Holland speaking at the MTC. He was talking about less active returned missionaries.  He said when he hears missionaries say they represent Jesus Christ he says, “So what? For how long? For just 2 years?” It was pretty intense.  He went on to say that while Preach my Gospel was being created Gordon B. Hinckley addressed the mission presidents and said “there is something wrong with our missionary program. Missionaries are going home and forgetting what they have learned and felt”.  Preach My Gospel is designed to convert the missionary and help him bring others down that same path.  It was such a great meeting.”   I hope that Nathan doesn’t forget what he has learned while serving the people in Arizona – and I hope I don’t forget the lessons I am learning today.
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