Back Where It All Began

Growing up there were some shows that were always good for a few laughs like Happy Days, I Love Lucy, and The Andy Griffith Show .  A few weeks ago while flipping through channels I came across some of my old friends – Sheriff Andy, Aunt Bee, Opie and Barney Fife from Mayberry.  It was fun to be taken back to a time and place filled with laughter.  Well, Nathan is back where he spent the first part of his mission – and loves it!
Well, transfers were kind to me –  I am back in the Phoenix North Stake!  We cover the YSA (Young Single Adults) so our boundaries are the whole stake, so it includes the Country Gables and Campobello wards, where I served the first 9 months of my mission.  Let me tell you, it is so tempting to go back and see people.  We went to a house that is 2 doors down from J…, who we met on the street and baptized.  But I will resist.  The YSA ward is tiny – average sacrament meetings are 66 people.  It is completely different from a family ward, they told us in ward council they were shortening all the meetings so we could have ‘Break the Fast’ and everyone could still get back in time for the Super Bowl.    But I will love the ward, I can tell already.  It makes it really hard to find people to teach, because only people 18-30 years old can come to church.  It is a lot of referrals from other missionaries.  But my companion is awesome.  Elder Wade from Rexburg, Idaho.  He came out the transfer before me, so I am just so glad to have a companion who knows what is going on. We live in an apartment with 2 other Elders, Elder Maxey and Elder Moala.  Both flew down here with me, but Elder Moala goes home 6 weeks earlier because he learned English in the MTC.  He is from Tonga.   It is a party living with these elders though.  The apartment isn’t bad, they just put missionaries in here about 6 months ago so it isn’t too trashed yet.  It will help not having any carpet, it is all wood floors.  We pulled all the beds out to the front room so we all sleep out there, and we have 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms.  It is a nice set up.  I am absolutely loving it here.  We are in a car, we just got a 2014 Ford Fusion while we are waiting for our 2014 Nissan Frontier.  Can’t complain with that.  Elder Moala is trying to make me gain weight – he made me eat 3 bowls of cereal and a breakfast burrito this morning.  Being in a car I should chunk up a little, but I have started running a lot more since I don’t have to bike. I do 20 minutes a day, but I am running harder now, at least 2 miles.
Four young men, all 20-years-old . . . hummm.   I am reminded of the Andy Griffith episode when Andy and Barney lock themselves in one of the jail cells – of course the keys are just out of reach.
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