Rachael is nearing the end of her senior year in high school – which means that she is extremely busy preparing for AP tests.  But it also means that college is on her mind.  It is a great reminder that Nathan will be home in six months!  And starting college in 6 months and a few days – which means I need to register him for classes.  So college has been on my mind too.  In an email I gave Nathan a basic outline on what classes he could choose from (yea, right! It seems like there are hundreds) and either it got him thinking about post mission life or something else did:  “Last night we just got all of the trunky out of our system.  There are 4 Elders in our apartment and all of us have been out at least 18 months.  It was a terrible idea talking about that stuff, I think we all had some weird dreams about home.  I really do try so hard not to think about going home though.  But I got a wedding invite on Facebook from Elder Bartleson, who went home in November.  He is getting married in April.
But he is still working hard and meeting new people:  “We got this referral last week who we were able to start teaching.  We taught him and about halfway through the lesson we found out he is going to high school.  He is only 17 and is therefore not quite cool enough to go to church with us.  So we had to send him to the family ward.  We also started teaching a guy named Mathiason.  Cool name huh?  He is Navajo. . . He was telling us about his Native American church and it sounds like a bunch of hippies passing around the peace pipe. . .  he is a lot more involved in learning and seems more sincere than most of the Native Americans I have worked with.
In case you wondered how Nathan responded to my gentle (I hope!) encouragement of looking into college courses – much like he responds to everything else:  “I am not sure how the whole credit hour thing works, so maybe you could explain it to me like you would a 6 year old.  But thanks for all of the work you are putting in.”  I am not sure why I worried – I should have known.
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2 Responses to Trunky?

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Camille, you are such a great Mom and I know Nathan appreciates you! It has to be hard for him to be this close to ending his mission! God Bless You, John, Rachel, and Nathan! So proud of you all and the example you are!

  2. camille1287 says:

    Thanks Mom – you always make me feel good!

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