Rain, rain, rain

In recent days, many parts of the western states have been hit with rain – and lots of it! California has been suffering from a drought that some say is the worst in the state’s history.  I’m sure I am not alone in rejoicing for the moisture that our friends in the Golden State received.  Hopefully it is the beginning of the end of their drought.  I heard predictions for heavy rainstorms in the Phoenix area but wondered if it would be enough that Nathan would say something about it – which he did:  “Man, what a great week.  There have been 2 days this transfer that I have been on bike, and the most recent one (Saturday) was the rainiest day of the year.  It doesn’t rain very often here, but it can come down pretty good when it does.  There were places where we would ride through like 4 inches of standing water.  It was interesting watching what cars would do.  Some would drive normal, some would swerve to hit a puddle to splash us, and some would swerve to miss puddles.  Fun day, I was absolutely drenched.”  I am going to choose to believe that he really did have fun in the rain with all of those puddles and that he was able to look back on it with a smile.  images

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One Response to Rain, rain, rain

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    What a wonderful attitude Nathan has of course that is not surprising! He always makes the best of every situation! A lesson we can all learn from!

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