A Flat Tire

Before I was able to get a driver’s license, I had to show my Dad that I knew how to change a tire.  On my first solo road trip Dad made sure that I had the tires rotated and that the car was ready for the trip.  I felt so prepared that when I heard the thumb, thump, thump I was fairly confident that I could change the flat.  Who would have guessed with all that preparation I wouldn’t even be able to get the lug nuts off?  I was so relieved when a nice man stopped and helped.  I was reminded of this when I read Nathan’s email about helping change a tire:  I was also on an exchange this week, so I was on my bike when we saw a car with a flat tire.  We asked the two young women in the car if they needed help.  They didn’t know what to do so we helped them.  It has been a while since I have changed a tire (since that BYU game when the suburban tire went flat) so I was really glad I figured it out.  On behalf of those of us who aren’t strong enough and parents of young women – a big thank you to the nice guys who stop.

Here is what is new with Elder Wainwright: So with transfers, Elder Moala left our apartment and one of my best friends from the mission got transferred over here, Elder Lower.  He was my zone leader in Peoria, and he is here serving as a junior companion.  President Taylor loves doing that, putting former zone leaders in supporting roles.  Our zone got 3 missionaries who were serving as zone leaders last transfer.  We are pretty stacked.  But Elder Lower is just a goofball, we have a fun apartment.  We spent like an hour and a half cleaning and rearranging this morning.

The work is going great.  We had a great week. We had 5 lessons to investigators this week, which is the most we have had since I have been here.   We met a girl named M… who was taught previously but her parents wouldn’t let her get baptized.  Now she is an adult and doesn’t need permission.  So we are really excited.    I think I told you about K…, we taught him a few times as well.  he has such an interesting concern.  He believes in God, believes that Jesus Christ was a real person, and believes the bible is to help us live a good life, but does not believe that Jesus Christ literally suffered for our sins, or that the miracles in the Bible or Book of Mormon actually happened.  He is the most friendly and open guy.  It is a lot of fun teaching him though. He is dating a Mormon girl by the way, that is how we find most of our investigators.  But things are going great, I am learning so much about myself, others and God. 

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2 Responses to A Flat Tire

  1. Have you seen that Subaru commercial? Where there’s a girl changing a flat in the rain and when she finishes her dad steps out? This post reminded me of that.

  2. camille1287 says:

    I love that commercial! Dads!

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