People Watching

Rachael, who is taking an AP Psychology  class, had an interesting assignment this last week: to observe and write about someone exhibiting “abnormal behavior.”  As we talked about it she told me that in her opinion it is behaving in a way that goes against social norms.  We both agreed that was probably dependent on who was making the judgement.  For example, I thought it was “abnormal behavior” when I observed a young life guard dancing to Zumba music – maybe it was that he was dancing in front of a pool of older women that made it odd, if not very entertaining.  I, however, acknowledge that it probably wasn’t odd to his peers.  I love to “people watch” because it is so interesting to see lives that are different from mine.  So it was great to hear about some of Nathan’s investigators this week.

1.  Last week 3 of the 4 sisters in the Young Single Adult Relief Society presidency got engaged.  You have to love single wards!

2. M. . . She is the one who is getting baptized on April 12th.   She is one of my favorite people to teach. She is really interactive and asks good questions and reads what we tell her. She is going to be a great member of the church, someone who participates and contributes and that understands what it means to follow our Savior.

3. K… is dating a member (those singles!). He is very intelligent, designs websites and is starting to go to Physical Therapy school. He believes in God, but his intelligence makes it hard for him to accept a literal Atonement and resurrection. . . if we assign him to read a chapter, he will read that and like the next 4 chapters. He is really seeking it out and slowly but surely his spiritual eyes are being opened and he is beginning to see with his logical eyes as well as his spiritual eyes. He too will be a contributing member of the church.

4. D. . . She does housekeeping at two of the scariest apartment complexes in our ward. We REALLY feel for her, and we met her on her first day of work and she was struggling. We taught her last night and we have another appointment for tonight. It was cool, we asked if she has ever had an answer to a prayer and she said her boyfriend asked her to move in with him so she prayed about it and she really felt like she shouldn’t. She is Christian but wants to be more involved in a church.

5. C. . .This is one messed up dude. He is only 19 but he had his pregnant fiancé die in a car accident because he was too drunk to give her a ride. He blames himself, and within the last few months has quit the use of several illegal drugs. He still smokes and drinks heavily and has some pretty serious depression issues. He is back and forth whether he believes in God or not, he doesn’t understand how He could let bad things like his fiancé happen.  But he has seen a lot of instances where Divine Intervention is really the only possible solution. He really does want to change, after our first meeting with him he told us, ‘you know what, I am not going to drink tonight.’ I feel more love and compassion for him than just about anyone we teach.

6. B. . . He lives in a pretty scary part of town. We have only taught him once but he said there are 40,000 religions out there and he wants to know which one is right.

Nathan ended his email by making this observation:  In the church or not, God for sure blesses those who are willing to obey. . . I haven’t been this excited about the work in a long time.   This was so much better than people watching – I got a glimpse of who they are really like than just what they act like.

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2 Responses to People Watching

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    That is such a true statement “God blesses those that obey” no matter what church or no church as long as they obey! God is truly a Loving and Forgiving God!

  2. camille1287 says:

    It is so true – even if we don’t always see or recognize them.

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