21 Weeks – But Who’s Counting?

You might have noticed on the calendar that there is 1 month until Mother’s Day – which also happens to be the last phone call that we will get from Elder Wainwright – because he comes home 21 weeks from today!  I have this checklist in my mind of the next few months: phone call, register for school, find a place for him to live . . . but Nathan hardly mentions life after his mission.  Until today.  O.K. it was 2 short sentences – 11 words to be exact.  But to me it seemed like an affirmation that he really is coming home – I just try not to think that he might be sad about leaving.  “Last interview from President Taylor. Now that is a sad day.”

The Mission Leadership Council March 2014

The Mission Leadership Council March 2014

Nathan is really enjoying the young people he is teaching and shared these humorous moments:

“We went to set up a lesson with D…  We both had our CTR rings on and she asked if we were married. Wrong hand and wrong finger, but it was funny. We aren’t sure if she was asking if we are married to each other or other people.”
“We got a referral for this less-active guy who is living with his non-member girlfriend, so we went over there a few days ago.  While we are talking with them, their friend walks in, walks over to the kitchen and pulls a bag of weed out of his pocket. A…, the less-active guy, says, “don’t bring that stuff in here!” and his friend just said, “haha good one man.” From the smell of their apartment, use of marijuana is not a rare occurrence. We are going back over their to teach them tomorrow.”

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