Life Lessons

Last week Rachael and I met with a counselor from the college that she will be attending in the fall.  Poor Rachael!  The counselor explained that although the school has a policy that Freshmen and Sophomores must live on campus, she was confident that since we live within 30 miles Rachael could get a housing exemption – which meant she could live at home!  Which considering that it is $11,000 a year to live on campus is a very good thing.  On the way home Rachael said “Mom, don’t be offended but I really don’t want to live at home for the next two years.”  Who’s offended?  I would be worried if she wanted to live at home!  But as I have thought about the school’s policy, I see the wisdom in determining where these young people live.  There is food –  I mean good health – in this rule.  Seriously though,  young adults heading off for college have a lot thrown at them all at once.

I was reminded of this visit when I read Nathan’s email this week:  Quick funny story before I forget: We got a call from a missionary and he said that no one in their apartment has any money and they don’t have any food. Our cards don’t get filled up until the beginning of the month, which should be on Wednesday. Gotta love the avoidable kinda stuff like that, huh? We basically told them we can bring them some food that we have and told them to beg from their members. That may be the biggest lesson I have learned on my mission –  don’t just call someone and dump a problem on them.  If there is a problem then at least have a plan for what you are going to do.”




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2 Responses to Life Lessons

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    Planning is a great thing and something we all a backup plan!

  2. camille1287 says:

    So true!

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