Family History

I have been interested in family history for the last several years.  Even as a teenager (not that I ever admitted it!) I loved to hear the stories my parents would tell – of themselves, their parents, our family. . .  When I was in Junior High I visited my great Grandma Anderson every week and heard even more stories.  I was fascinated when I learned she attended the same high school (although at a different location) I did – only instead of arriving in a car, she came in a horse and buggy!  Oh, I wish I had written down those stories!

In Nathan’s email this week, he mentioned on of the young ladies who was recently baptized has become interested in her family history and then goes on to say “Speaking of family history, we have been asked to fill out a little booklet called “My Family” by the end of the month. Would you be able to compile some information for me? I have all the names and dates I need, but stories about these people and pictures would be really helpful.”

So for all of you family members who might read this, if you have any pictures or stories send them my way!


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One Response to Family History

  1. Verla Brennan says:

    The first one that comes to mind is the Durango trip with all of our Grandchildren. Tyler had lost a shoe and all of us were franiclky searching for his shoe. Nathan was standing by a door that was open and Nathan with his dry sense of humor, calmly said it is right here and pointed behind the door.

    My mother told me stories of when she was young, her, Eda, and Grandma Rothlin would walk from Loma into Grand Junction.

    I have a picture of Grandpa Anderson (Elmer) digging a ditch in front of our old home in Clifton, Colorado. My Dad, Frank, was with him. Will send the picture.

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