What is the Highlight of Your Week?

If someone asked me what the highlight of my week was I am not sure what I would say.  Even though there are moments in each day that make me smile or make me want to cry it is hard to pick one thing – or some weeks to even remember them.  I am not sure what prompted Nathan to share his week’s highlight and the funny moment of the week but it has made me ponder.  What if the phone call I had with my daughter today turns out to be the highlight of my week?  Would I have enjoyed it even more than I did?  Savor every moment?  Hummm . . . Food for thought.

“I think the highlight of this week was a specialized music training on Tuesday. I went because I am the zone pianist (no one else plays). But it was amazing.  They had William Schwartz (aka William Joseph).  President started by asking him to play something, and without saying a word he played some insane version of Battle Hymn if the Republic. It was really loud, really fast, and with a ton of notes. When he was done, President asked him to play the next one. It was a much simpler, quieter version of Come Thou Fount. Simpler, but still displaying quite a bit of talent – it was just spiritually powerful. President then contrasted the first song with a ‘look at me’ purpose to the other one with a purpose of bringing in the Spirit. That was the major theme of the meeting – having the focus be on the Spirit, not the performance. But by far the part the stuck out the most was a song he arranged for the funeral of his brother-in-law. It is a combination of God Be With You and He is Risen.  But the song, combined with the story was just powerful. If you haven’t already, YouTube this guy.  Funny experience of the week: I guess that would be turning down a 100$ steak dinner. And then explaining to a non-member that we can’t go because it is out of our area. People sure do think we are crazy. And then today at Winco there was a member we bumped into as we were leaving the store that tried to give us 2 100$ bills. We politely said no thank you, but that is sure hard when money is tight. Thank goodness it was after we left, because we already knew we had enough for food this week. That was a question mark going in haha.”

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One Response to What is the Highlight of Your Week?

  1. Verla says:

    That is hard to pick one thing as the highlight of your day. Each memory, happening, conversation is special. I think we take the little things for granted.

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