A Missed Call

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but . . . I don’t always pick up messages on my home phone!  I check the caller ID and if I don’t recognize the number I assume it is some credit call calling to tell me that this is my last chance to get something (like I don’t know that I will get another chance tomorrow).  So when I picked up messages on Saturday I heard “This is the Arizona Phoenix Mission office (and at this point my heart about stopped). Elder Wainwright is quite well.  We are calling to arrange his departure.”  And so we learned that Nathan will be arriving home on August 26th in the afternoon.  For the first 18 months of his mission, I knew exactly when transfer week was but I have kind of, shall we say, relaxed, a little in the last few months.  It wasn’t until Monday afternoon that I thought “oh, it must be transfer week.”  Only one more transfer before he is released!

June Leadership Meeting 5 2014“Elder Leonhardt is getting transferred tomorrow though. That will be really sad, he has definitely been one of my favorites.  I don’t know if I already told you about N… She is going to a motorcycle mechanics school and was dating a guy that is a member of the church. We have been teaching her and she wants to get baptized. Her boyfriend just wants to make sure she is really committed.  We hope he doesn’t go a little overboard and expect her to know everything before she is baptized. She has the desire though, and it is fun teaching her. The other kind of cool thing that happened is that we saw this family moving stuff last night so we offered to help. They were just coming from San Bernardino. I told them I as born in Redlands but grew up in Utah. This guy loved the Utah Jazz. He went to school with Bryon Russell, so we talked about Michael Jordan’s push-off for a while. Very cool people. That is the one tough thing about the YSA, is that when we find cool families like that we have to hand them off to the family ward. But anyways, I am looking forward to this transfer.  Sounds like exciting things going on at home! Congrats to Rachael for graduating! That isn’t as common down here as it is in Utah.”

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