A New Companion

I am not normally one of those people who thinks about Christmas in June, but lately my thoughts have gone to “It’s A Wonderful Life” (one of my favorite movies – ever).  I think that the angel Clarence sums it all up when he said “No man is a failure who has friends.”   Last Saturday I attended a bridal shower for a former neighbor and was so surprised when I realized that an hour and a half had passed by.  I was too busy laughing and catching up with some dear friends to worry about all of the things I needed to get do.  Isn’t that what life is about – making and keeping friends? I can tell that Nathan has made and I am sure will continue to make some lifelong friends.  He is always sad to see one companion go but so happy with meeting a new one.  His new companion is Elder Burgoyne, a young man from Pocatello, Idaho and in Nathan’s words is “really great, very positive and enthusiastic.”  Looks like they will get along quite well.

Nathan and Elder Burgoyne 6:14


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2 Responses to A New Companion

  1. Verla says:

    They look happy! Friends are indeed very important!

  2. Ron Brennan says:

    As I was reading Camille’s blog today a bell rang, much like the movie when an angel got their wings. But in my case it was a light bulb. Yes Camille, that is so true. Sadly some wait until later in life to realize it. I am very pleased that Elder Wainwright understands that concept.

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