A Haboob – What?

Ever heard of a haboob?  Well, last summer I learned that Phoenix not only has extremely hot summer days it also has a monsoon season.  And sometimes during that season there is a haboob.  According to Wikipedia “A haboob is an actual meteorological phenomena that occurs during the monsoon season across the southwestern United States. Haboobs are characterized by a wall of blowing dust and dirt that typically form from the outflow of a strong shower or thunderstorm. Similar to a dust storm, haboobs can cause a rapid drop in visibility down to near 0 miles in a matter of a few minutes or even less.”  I am not sure if the dust storm that hit Phoenix last week is a true haboob but here is what it looked like:KNXV Dust storm in Valley 7-3-14 3_1404451008729_6666767_ver1.0_640_480

In Nathan’s words “it was insane.”  That happened on July 3rd.  But you will be happy to hear that on July 4th at least some of the Elders in the Phoenix area celebrated by grilling up some steaks.  Glad to hear it didn’t disrupt any plans.

Rachael has spent the last few weeks in Guatemala on a humanitarian project.  As John and I waited for her in the airport we wondered how the reunion would be – would she be happy to see us or would it be one of those roll the eyes at the parents moments?  And that begged the question of how the reunion would be with Nathan – next month!  Would he be happy to see us or would he give into the urge to run back to the plane?  Since Rachael’s plane was late we had some agonizing moments to consider both of these questions.  We came up with several possibilities.  So we were relieved when Rachael – although she didn’t run into our arms – did have a big smile on her face as she came up and gave us a hug.  One down, one to go.


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