A Happy Crazy Life

“What a crazy start to the day!  First of all, Sunday nights – calling a bunch of missionaries and getting their report – and then on Monday mornings we email those reports in before 6:30.  Today we had a zone hike.  We asked the sisters what they wanted to do for a zone activity and they wanted to go hiking.  So we told everyone to be there by 5:45 to start.  4 companionships didn’t have rides so we dropped our roommates off at the trailhead 40 minutes early, drove to pick up 2 elders, dropped one of them off with another car and went to pick up 2 more.  Keep in mind that most of these companionships live fairly spread out and we have pretty strict mileage limitations. We have enough miles to do about 43 a day and we ended up doing 42 before 8 am.  But the hike was great – it has a cool view of downtown Phoenix.  So I plan on taking a nap today and we are going to go play some basketball.  Something cool that happened this week is that we have been teaching this guy and he is scheduled to be baptized August 16th.  I am really glad that I will be here to see it before I go home.”Downtown Phoenix 2014

I used to read a book to my children that took on new meaning as they got older – “The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Pressure.”  It is basically a story about the crazy schedule of the Bear family.  So crazy that Mama Bear has a nightmare that her calendar turned into  a flying carpet as she tries to get everyone where they need to be.  I have felt that way over the years; waking up wondering how I am going to be in 2 places at the same time.  And yet when I think back to those times, it is with fondness.  I would not give up the soccer and baseball games or any of the other activities that kept me flying from one place to another. I agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson:  “To fill the hour – that is happiness.”




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