On Being a Mormon

I saw in the news this morning that BYU once again was awarded the “stone-cold sober” title by The Princeton Review for the 17th straight year.  Brigham Young University was proud enough to post this on Facebook:10423897_10152600895892888_3809562705722379159_n

It seems that people might not know what Mormons believe but they do know that Mormons don’t drink alcohol.  A few years one of John’s clients was in town on business and invited me to join their group for dinner. It  was a hot day and the Fresh Limeade that was offered sounded great.  But when I took a sip I knew it contained alcohol.  What a dilemma!  A few people left the table to go to the salad bar but I stayed in my chair trying to decide what to do.  Randy (the client) saved me by saying “You didn’t know it was an alcoholic drink, did you?”  No, I did not!  He suggested that I give it to him and proceeded to order me another one – this one without the alcohol.  Little did I know that a stranger to me  knew I was Mormon, that I didn’t drink and was watching to see what I would do.  Sometimes being a Mormon explains things.

“We have an investigator who is 31 which is the kick-out age of the YSA but he lives with a member of our ward and may be leaving when he is done with school so we decided not to send him to the family ward.  He is the kind of guy you would picture having a Harley and an old beat up truck – because he does.  He has hair that is just below his shoulders and a pretty thick beard.  He loves having the whole biker guy image.  He is one of the nicest, best people I know.  Our ward had a camp out this weekend (we didn’t go) but he was able to go.  There is a girl who has to have a walker because of a health problem and when they went on a hike he helped her into the bed of his truck and drove 3 mph along the road so she could go with everyone on the hike.  Just a great guy.  We had a lesson with him and talked about baptism and God’s standards and he is completely willing to turn his life around to be part of the church.  He says he has never seen people so in tune with the Spirit as Mormons.  Also on the hike some other hikers complained about the noise the ward was making and told them to watch the alcohol consumption and he “we don’t drink – we’re a bunch of Mormons.”  I got a kick out of that.”


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One Response to On Being a Mormon

  1. Verla says:

    Your delima was handled very good. We never know who is watching and what they observe!

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