One More Email!

I saw a quote on Facebook the other day that I really like: Looking behind I am filled with gratitude.  Looking forward I am filled with vision.  Looking upwards I am filled with strength.  Looking within I discover peace.”  Q’ero Indians  As I pondered this I realized that as I look back over the last 2 years I am so grateful for the experiences Nathan has had and the blessings my family has received.  There is so much to look forward to in the next few weeks and months.  I have found strength as my faith in a loving Heavenly Father has increased.  And as I have thought about what I really believe I have discovered peace.  What a blessing it has been to have Nathan serve a mission!  Only one more email from my missionary son!

“B… (the guy from last week) somehow found out I go home soon and wants to get baptized before I go home!  He asked if I would baptize him so it looks like a picture perfect ending coming up.  .  . We are kind of teaching this kid and the last time during our lesson there was a knock at his door – it was a girl there to buy marijuana!  He told her “I’m doing church – I will come by your place later!”  It was pretty funny – he was trying to run a drug deal in the middle of our lesson.”

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One Response to One More Email!

  1. Verla says:

    That had to be a different experience dealing while taking missionary lesson. Nathan is always so positive! His mission has been a blessing to us all.

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