A Final Phone Call

When we talked to Nathan on Sunday (our final call!), he reminded us that it had been almost 2 years exactly that he had received his mission call.  Funny – in some ways it seems a lot longer than that and in other ways it seems like yesterday.  These last few days I have found myself reflecting on that summer.  What I remember most is that I developed a newfound respect and understanding of Hannah from the Old Testament.  Hannah, who was barren, promised God that if she were given a son then she would “lend him to the Lord for this life.” (1 Samuel 1:11)  Heavenly Father heard Hannah’s pleas and blessed her with a son.  And so when Samuel was a young boy Hannah gave him to Eli, the priest.  I felt, that summer,  that in some small way I was like Hannah – only I had the benefit of the internet!

We had a great talk with Nathan on Sunday.  It was interesting to notice the changes in my boy – he is so much more serious.  For example, Nathan has always been an avid BYU football/basketball fan.  When I jokingly asked if he wanted us to get him a sports pass for this next year, he replied “only if it doesn’t cost too much.”  What??? I thought he would go without food in order to go to the games.  He told us about the shooting that took place at his apartment complex – something a mom does not want to hear; the friends that he has made and wants to keep – now that is something a mom wants to hear; habits that he has developed that he wants to maintain – something a mom is happy to hear; and how he would love to move to Arizona – really? not really something this mom wants to hear right now.

I think that after two years I better understand what Hannah understood from the beginning: that even though she was lending Samuel to the Lord for a little bit, he would always be hers – and she would always be his mother.


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