Piano Man

Nathan took piano lessons for several years before his attention turned to other interests.  In an effort to keep the music within him alive, I agreed to let him stop taking lessons from his teacher who I consider to be one of the best but was fairly strict about practicing of all things.  Part of the compromise was that he would continue taking lessons from an older gentleman who had a love for not only the piano but also for teaching.  Mr. Eddings, who also composed music, taught Nathan to play by ear and to love to play.  Mr. Eddings passed away recently and his children asked the thousands of students he taught over the years for any memories they have of their father.  Nathan’s memory is “He would always say “if you give a horse a sugar cube, he will do his tricks!”  and boys were no different!  A big thank you for a man who helped develop a love for the piano of a missionary serving in Arizona.  And Nathan continues to not only play but to learn –  “Speaking of piano, sister Simon who some other elders live with, is teaching me how to chord. There is a lot more to the piano than I originally thought, but some of the stuff  (the first teacher) taught me turns out to be pretty helpful.”  I bet she would love to hear that!  

Transfers are next week and Nathan is thinking that his companion will get transferred.  “That will be a sad day.  We have had a really good two transfers. Completely transformed the area.  We didn’t have any investigators that had much interest when I first got here. I love the singles ward.  I hope I finish my mission here.”  It is good to see – well to hear – him so happy!

And speaking of that:  “We had something awesome happen this week. Actually two awesome things.  Actually two awesome thing and one not awesome thing. The not awesome thing is that M…  got bronchitis 2 days before her baptism, so now she is getting baptized on Thursday instead. But D… accepted an invitation to be baptized on May 10th. She is working on a few things but hopefully she will be ready by then. The other awesome thing is that our Bishop called us and said a girl in the ward has a stepsister who isn’t a member but is interested in learning more.  She came to our Stake Conference, and we talked to her and set up an appointment for tomorrow night. Her mom called us a few minutes ago and said she has been reading the Book of Mormon and asked if she can get baptized this weekend. We told her it might not be quite that quick but that we can meet with her frequently and have the baptism in the near future. She seems like a really cool girl. So awesome things are happening in our ward –  we are stoked.”

And so I end with this thought “Life is like a piano… What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” ~Author Unknown


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